Sony Xperia XZs

Sony has come up with new generation smartphone Sony Xperia XZs that promises to evolve the smartphone game for good. It holds new advanced technology of slow-motion video capture as well as a Predictive camera that takes the picture pre-hand by sensing movement. Its pictures are detail-oriented and outclass exposure. This phone has a pro level technology with its camera, games, and streaming.

Sony Xperia XZs Specifications

Sony Xperia XZs is unlocked double SIM, 64GB smartphone. An image sensor is 19MP. Super slow motion video is 960 FPS. It has a Full HD display of 5.2 inches. Weighs about 2.74 pounds and comes with a fingerprint sensor. This smartphone is water resistant and Type-C connector. It comes at a price of $379.99 and black in color.

1- Qualcomm Snapdragon

Qualcomm Snapdragon has 820 processor and RAM amounting to 64GB so that you can enjoy enough gameplay.

2-Image Sensor

This is the world’s first smartphone to come up with an Image sensor of 19MP.

3- Expandable Memory

Expandable memory provides an option to select and switch between dual SIM mode and the single SIM model.

4- Display

The display comes in modest design, not much different from the previous generation. Its curvy edges are easy to hold. The back panel is metal and curved Gorilla Glass 4 surface.

5- Camera

The anti-distortion technology in this phone helps take the distortion-free pictures. The picture size in this phone is bigger than other models. At night, intelligent exposure gets activated and helps get clear images. Even in bad condition, Sony Xperia XZs gets vivid and clear pictures. Rear and front camera both take relatively clear and balanced photos.

6- Motion Eye

Motion eye technology is a new technology that captures 960 frames per second video. Its camera captures the movements that normal eye cannot. Motion eye sensor takes a picture three times faster than a normal camera.

7- Image Stabilization

Sony smartphone images stabilization technology of 5-axis that moves in five directions. There is no unwanted shake with Steady-Shake intelligent technology.

8- Battery

The battery life is 2900Mah that is enough to sustain your whole day. Battery timing is almost the same as in previous models.

9- PS4 Remote Play

Ps4 lets you play music from anywhere in the house.  You can play excellent gameplay and music without stopping.

10- Noise Cancellation

Sony Xperia XZs has active noise cancellation and mic. This new release by Sony also comes with hi-res audio. It also has good ratings as a dust proof phone.


Sony started the trend of water-proof quite early and now it is bringing some earth-shattering features for video and camera in the market. Sony Xperia XZs has good and comfortable feel in hand. Though some users might consider it highly priced, but hold a worth the amount it asks for its great feature of the picture and video quality.

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