Sony Xperia X Compact

Sony is way ahead in camera game with Xperia X Compact. Everything from display to image sensor speaks volumes about giving tough competition to competitors. Best audio and sound systems are one of the top qualities of Sony Xperia X Compact. It comes with steady-shot technology that is first integration in a smartphone. Its PS4 remote does not let you stop playing even if you are in another corner in the house.

Sony Xperia X Compact - Unlocked Smartphone - 32GB - Black (US Warranty)
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Sony Xperia X Compact Specifications

Sony Xperia X Compact has a distinguished design of 4.6 HD display. Its loop surface lets you fit it easily in your palm. The main camera is 13MP while the front camera is 8MP. It uses Android version marshmallow 6.0. Sony Xperia X Compact also comes with 3GB RAM and an expandable micro SD card of 256 GB. It is a single, nano-SIM phone and weighs about 135kg.

Advanced Camera

Capturing moving pictures is all the rage right now and Sony has read its customer’s mind. It doesn’t disappoint you with its image sensing technology that captures moving images.

Infrared Sensors

Thanks, to the advanced technology of infrared sensors of Sony Xperia X Compact, you no longer need to worry about enhancing pictures using filters. These sensors do the enhancement work for you automatically using vibrant colors.


Sony does not follow the traditional trend of enhancing only the size of smart-phone with each release. Sony Xperia X Compact sits easily in the palm of your hand. It has a comfortable and user-friendly design as Sony does not forget the convenience of its users.


Sony Xperia X Compact is made with Gorilla Glass 4. It has some kind of plastic at its side. However, its vibrant design gives a trendy vibe. It also might make the phone prone to smudges and finger marks.

Sim card is located on the left side of the phone. Power and volume buttons sit on the right side.

Laser Auto-Focus

Sony Xperia X Compact knows the struggle you face while picturing the object you actually want the focus on. Sony has come up with Auto-Focus technology that measures the distance between the phone and the subject and focuses on it automatically. This way it takes photos that do not have any blurring no matter what the lighting is.

Image Stabilization

Sony Xperia X Compact keeps itself steady whichever direction you move, thanks to its new technology of Image Stabilization. With this technology, videos are smoother than ever even if you are on move.


Though its fingerprint sensor does not work outside the US, Sony Xperia X Compact is the best when it comes to picture quality. Sony has made a sensible decision by releasing this phone with all the new technologies that are all the rage nowadays. Whether it is its auto-focus or infrared sensors, Sony has come a long way and hopes to shake the market with this release.

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