Philips HC5450 Hair Clipper

Philips HC5450 is a compact hair clipper and trimmer, geared up with a DualCut system. It is a slicing unit with double sharpening, due to which the haircut is faster.

Philips HC5450 Hair Clipper Specifications

Hair length setting
0.5 – 23 mm
Number of nozzles
Accurate reg. length haircuts
1 mm
Battery operation
up to 90 minutes
Turbo mode
Battery type
Mechanical length adjustment
Telescopic nozzle 1
0.5 – 23 mm
270 g
Charging mains 220 V


The instrument case is made of impact-resistant plastic. Removable titanium blades that can be washed in walking water are self-sharpening.

Convenient Use

To select one of 23 preset haircut lengths (from 1 to 23 millimeters in increments of one millimeter), simply flip the wheel and lock it in the preferred position. For difficult hair, prompt a distinct turbo mode, which will increase power.


The device can be connected to a domestic electrical outlet with a standard voltage of 220 V. It can additionally be operated from its personal battery, which has a full charge for 90 minutes.

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