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Google has just unveiled its compact and small speaker, Google mini home accommodating all the smarts of Google Assistant in a single affordable device. Google first launched it in 2016 which continued to get upgraded with the passage of time, the time when already Echo dot had been unleashed. However, Google mini home made a major breakthrough in the industry by offering a reasonable and surprising package comprising most of the smarts of Alexa and more natural voice. It is a cheap gateway into a smart home utopia.

Google Mini Home cheap rate


Google Mini Home Design:

The compact and sleek design makes it look quite better and smaller than Echo dot. The rubber bottom with plastic boundaries helps it adjust everywhere it is placed. The corners melt away to give an oblong orb view more like a yoyo. The fabric top which comes in different shades of chalk, charcoal and coral blends in the home décor. The well rounded, beautiful digital assistant looks like a cloth-covered pebble that sits in the palm of your hand.

The lower portion is coated in a grippy silicone that resists sliding and feels pretty nice. The palm-sized device with no visible buttons features touch controls for adjusting volume and stopping alarm or a timer. For playing and pausing music, press long on either side of Home Mini. The more modern and beautiful look than Echo dot gives a flavor of an attractive decoration piece. The mini device sounds surprisingly good for its size and crisper than Echo dot.

How to setup?

A Google account and the Google Home app function as a key to set up the device. Google mini home differentiates users on the basis of voices and their attempts to customize the experience. In order to associate this information with the user, it needs individual Google accounts. Once the device is connected to the Wi-Fi, it needs the user to say “Ok Google” and “Hey Google” twice each to analyze their voice. The indicator lights on the top of the device which marks the active state can hardly be seen from distance, especially when using chalk-colored. Hence it is highly recommended to buy charcoal.

What does it do?

Be it an online shopping or playing music, the device does everything with perfection. To wake it up, say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” and throw a command. You can ask it to look up a fact for you, get appointments, set reminders, turn your smart home gadgets on and off, control Netflix and YouTube on your chrome cast-enabled TV and many others. Google mini home offers a fascinating experience; fetching answers to your questions before you wink. The voice of Assistant is female by default; however, it can be changed from the bunch of extra voices Google has recently added.

The gadget has unboxed interesting experience of storytelling, games and beatboxing targeting children in this regard. The hands-free call making feature makes it stand out allowing users to make a call from anyone in the contact list to anywhere in the world. Depending on the setup, Google Mini home helps play movies, lock doors and turn off lights, provided they are connected with it. However, it is connected via Bluetooth to one device at a time. The voice recognition feature is commonly known as “voice match” works surprisingly very well. It has also been tested by many people and highly appreciated it because of its refinement.


The small and compact device sounds much stronger than expected. Moreover, when compared with Echo Dot, it left everyone astounded with noticeably stronger sound as for Echo Dot. Alexa’s voice in Echo Dot when listened is a little tinny-sounding and music playback was not much better than a phone.

As far as Google Mini Home is tested, the sound was warmer and more natural and the music playback was more passable. Users are quite impressed with the sound and considered it to be crisper than Echo Dot. Hence Home Mini proved to be an undeniable victor of two smart speakers. In the area of hands-free calling, Echo Dot gained an edge over it. However, if louder sound is a priority, then Google Mini Home is a clear choice.

Good points:

  • A small and cheap device with proficiency
  • Powerful speaker
  • Colorful design enhance home décor
  • Improved and responsive AI

Negative Points:

  • The controls are not intuitive
  • It does not have as many features as Echo Dot.
  • Hands-free calling feature is poor
  • Spanish speaking feature needs improvement

Google mini home is the best sounding miniature smart speaker yet. It is pleasant and helpful offering dozens of technology in a small package. In a nutshell, the device has all the capabilities in a compact way which is also getting upgraded day to day.

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