Etymotic ER4 Earphones

Etymotic ER4 is one of the first earphones that introduced the noise-cancellation feature in the headphone market. They have their own original design that basically introduced medical diagnoses as well as audit research technology based headphones.

These earphones always led all charts with their response accuracy and high definition audio quality. They provide clear audio in every way. Due to their unmatched sound quality and durability, Etymotic ER4 is the first choice of many even after being in the market since the beginning of earphone game.

Etymotic Research ER4P-T microPro Precision Matched In-Ear Earphones
View on Amazon $298.89 3.8 out of 5 stars

Etymotic ER4 Earphones Features

Etymotic ER4 brings noise isolation technology to the table. This earphone is highly sensitive when it comes to output.  They also use a Braid-reinforced cable to work in low microphonic effect. The etymotic headphone comes with ER4P-T that is typically favored by sound engineers in case of motion and jarring voices. It could boost to be the first earphone to bring complete noise isolation in the market and blow everyone’s mind. These headphones also have Studio Reference as well as Extended Response type tuning, and you can choose which tuning to go for depending on your preferences. However, both types of tuning perform great in their own part.


Etymotic ER4 is designed as in-ear headphones. It also comes with foam as well as flange tips of varied size so anyone could get the fit that suits the best. You won’t find controls to playback or any inbuilt with this earphone. At times, they could feel like jostling around because the wing-tip is missing in them. But with a very light design, they sweep away everyone’s heart.


With the reduction of outside noise, you will not require putting your earphones on high volumes. This feature helps in taking care of your ear. Overall, Etymotic ER4 in-ear headphone achieves their mission of providing clear audio. It provides accurate precision and unmatchable quality. Ear tips provide tight cover over the ears so that you would not be disturbed by outer sound and noise.


This headphone is priced at $274. They also come with a storage case, ear tips. You could also use replacement filter to remove the filter when you need with filter removal tool. A performance certificate and shirt clip also come along with the package.


Etymotic ER4 promises strong performance and provides great audio performance. Having little to no control over playback controls may be uncomfortable for some music lovers. Etymotic ER4 with their unmatched sound quality, accuracy, provides outclass experience of listening to songs and audio. These are the first choice for sound engineers as well as audiophiles.

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