Essenza Mini C30 Coffee Machine

Nespresso Essenza Mini C30 is an ultra-compact capsule espresso machine. Such a system is easy to discover a appropriate location in a small room – on a table, shelf, rack or window sill. It is suitable for both home and workplace use.

Mini C30 Specifications

Maximum pressure19 Bar
Type of coffee usedin capsules
Water tank capacity0.6 ะป
Adjusting portions of waterYes
Auto power offYes
Power consumption1310 W
Removable reserve. for dropsYes
Overall dimensions (H * W * D)20.4 * 8.4 * 33 cm
Cooked espresso coffeeYes
Cooked coffee “lungo”Yes
Cooked cappuccino coffeedop. option

Perfect Quality
Despite its miniature size, this model presents pressure up to 19 bar. This is sufficient for the style and aroma of coffee to be revealed in the fine viable way, and you ought to get a drink that is no unique from what a barista does in your favorite cafe.

Easy to Maintain
Used tablets are accrued in a container. When it is full, it can be effortlessly removed, cleaned, and then set up back.

Best Features
If the system is not used for 9 minutes, it routinely stops working to retailer electricity. The off time can be reprogrammed to swimsuit your preferences.


Small size, design, ease of handling, reliability


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